VCE Revision Booklet

Historical Relationships: Resources

20th Century

Snowy Hydro Web Site

Lesson for Wednesday 7th March: Period 5

1. Students must ensure they have completed the Snowy Hydro Report (above)

New topic:
'The role of environmental movements in changing human relationships with Australian environments, in particular since the 1970s'
2. Read pages 157 (at bottom) to 160 and summarize key points
3. Students must use the remainder of this lesson and tomorrows lesson to complete the Wilderness Society report below. (Click on PDF below)

Lesson for Thursday 8th March: Period 4

Students must continue to work on the report above.

Lesson for Tuesday 13th March: Period 3 & 4

You must ensure the above report is completed and ready to submit on wednesdays lesson along with your 'Snowy Hydro' Report.
1. During the double you must view the video 'Australian Experience: Saving the Franklin' found on clickview.
2. Read the summary of the 'Franklin River campaign' found at
3. From these two rsources, produce a detailed timeline of the 'Franklin Dam dispute from the original decision to create the dam to the High Court Decision to stop the dam. Make particular attention to the role of the 'Wilderness Society'.

SAC 1: Criteria Sheet

Lesson for Thursday 9th May: Period 3

Topic: Commercialisation of outdoor experiences

(Commercialisation is the process of bringing a product into the market – that is, selling a product)

  1. Read pages 172 (bottom) to 175 and summarize major points
  2. Think of and list as many examples of outdoor experiences being commercialized.
  3. You are to collect 10 media images that commercialise the outdoor experience. Include examples from magazines, internet sites, advertisements and other media sources.
  4. Analyse the images and explain how each portrays the natural environment and outdoor experience.