Lesson for Thursday 9th May: Period 1 & 2

1. Read pages 96-97 of your text book

2. Complete the following activities
  • You are to speculate and write down what might be:
    • the number of prisons in Victoria
    • the number of prisoners in Victorian prisons
    • the average age of a male prisoner
    • the average age of a female prisoner
    • the percentage of prisoners who have previously served time in prison
    • how much it might cost per day to keep a prisoner in prison.

  • students then visit the Department of Justice website (http://www.justice.vic.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/justlib/DOJ+Internet/Home/Prisons/) to find answers to the above questions and examine the statistics on the Victorian prison system.
  • students to form into pairs and discuss what it might be like serving time in a Victorian prison. Speculate on what the conditions might be like in prison (e.g. what type of accommodation, recreational facilities, health services, education and training opportunities might be provided and what level of personal safety might exist).
    Students should then visit the Department of Justice website section on prison location profiles (http://www.justice.vic.gov.au/wps/wcm/connect/justlib/doj+internet/home/prisons/prisons+in+Victoria/) to see what type of basic accommodation and facilities are provided in Victorian prisons.

    3. Complete activities 1 to 5 on page 97

    4. Read pages 98 to 99 about 'Extended supervision orders' and complete questions 1 to 4 on page 99

    5. Read pages 103 to 105 on 'The Death Penalty' and answer questions 1 to 3 on page 105

    Complete for homework.