Legal Studies 3

Parliament Resources


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Constitution Resources

High Court Lesson for 5th March 2012 period 5

For this lesson you must create a poster on A3 paper to outline the 'Franklin Dams Case'. Please use the following two documents to help you in your quest. You can do it in pairs but no more than two. (Did you read that Lewis????). You only have this lesson to complete the task. If incomplete finish for homework for next lesson.

Lesson for Wednesday 7th March Period 1

1. Students should have completed the previous lessons work (see above)
2. Students are to read their text book pages 49 to 51
3. Summarize each case
4. Complete questions 1 to 8 on page 51
Complete all work for homework

Lesson for Friday 9th March Period 3 & 4

Ensure all work is completed from the previous lesson
1. Download, read and answer the questions on the document below '20 years on'

2. Read the following pages of your text book page 52 to 53 relating to referral of powers.
3. Answer questions 1-5 on page 53.

Please note: Your next SAC is next friday 16th March relating to the Constitution. If you have completed all the above work you can begin revising for the SAC. Refer to the document below for your revision.

Judge Made Law Resources

Lesson for Wednesday 15th May Period 1

1. Students should have completed the previous lessons work on statutory interpretation. (case study questions sheet relating to Mansfield v Kelly)

2. Today they must summarize pages 105 to 106
3. Read page 107 to 108. Make sure you have a good grasp of intrinsic and extrinsic sources. Summarize

Lesson for Friday 8th June Period 5

1. Complete summarizing magistrates court and its specialist courts on page 129-131
2. Read pages 132-135: Summarize the jurisdictions of the County and Supreme Courts
3. Complete question 4 on page 136. You will need to construct a table in your books